Wizards of Wormbly – Mini Escape Room


Help the Queen.
Solve the Puzzles.
Escape the Room.

Wizards of Wormbly is a Mini Escape Room, which is a faster version of a typical Escape Room. Instead of a 60 minute length, we power pack it into a 10 minute adventure. Don’t worry… it’s still an exciting, entertaining, live-action-puzzle game!  Use elements of the room and your wit to solve a series of puzzles, find clues to complete your adventure.

Gwyndemere Castle, the year is 1403.

Home to Queen Magdelana, current possessor of an ancient jasper amulet that was gifted to the royal family by the great sorcerer, Magus Magentos during the time of the Trelven scrolls.

The current sorcerer, Vesputin, has coveted the Queen’s amulet since the day he first laid eyes upon it… and now the amulet has disappeared! The Queen has tasked you, a royal scribe, with searching Vesputin’s study. Her majesty believes she can distract Vesputin for one quarter turn of the hourglass.

It will take unparalleled intelligence to match wits against the spells and incantations of a royal sorcerer. Recover the amulet and expose Vesputin’s treason, before he returns and be forever in the Queen’s graces. Fail, and you will be sent to the dungeon for all of eternity.


6 person maximum